Providing access to meetings and resources of recovery are the primary concerns of NYCMA, and we want to continue doing that safely without increasing risk of harm to the fellowship.

The LGBTQ Center will not be hosting any meetings until further notice. Read the update here:

If you represent a meeting that has decided on a temporary suspension, please fill out the form here, and we will add it to our list of suspended meetings.

If you represent a meeting that will not be suspended and found a new location please fill out the form here, and it will be updated on the meeting calendar. Please check the meeting calendar to confirm current meeting information.

Suggested Protocols for Meetings

While meetings are autonomous we provide the following suggestions:

  • Don’t go to meetings if you are sick. 
  • Use the phone list.
  • Avoid holding hands. Consider the NA “arms around the back” version of closing meetings or linking arms.
  • If you are a hugger, refrain for now.
  • Suspend hospitality tables and refrain from passing food.
  • Don’t pass medallions or chips around for everyone to touch.
  • Place 7thTradition basket in one place for fellows to drop contributions, rather than passing it around.

The Help Line will be monitored more frequently.  The Help Line phone number is 1-855-638-4373.

For Literature purchases, please place any literature order online or by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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